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April in Indiana History

1 April –

1813 – Gibson county, IN, established. County Seat is Princeton. Carved from Knox County, it is named in honor of John Gibson, secretary of the Indiana Territory. [… …/List_of_counties_in_In…]

1838 – Vincennes, IN. Bids due to bank directors to supply 200,000 bricks. (See 9 February 1838; 13 February 1838; 1 July 1838; 1 August 1838.) [Funk, p. 60-65]

1902 – West Baden, IN. Harrison Albright stands atop the massive dome he has designed, and waves his arms as the interior supports are knocked away. “Sinclair’s Folly” becomes “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” the largest free-standing dome in the world. It remains the breathtaking centerpiece of the West Baden Springs Hotel. (See 15 June 1901; 1 October 1901; 16 April 1903.) [Bundy; Visions…, p. 40-2]

2 April –

1903 – Corydon, IN. First National Bank opens at 209 N. Capitol Avenue. In April 1920, it will be sold to the Corydon National Bank, which will fail, 20 February 1922 (see). [Griffin 2, p. 167]

3 April –

1835 – Scotland. James Oliver, age 7, and his family embark for America. (See 28 August 1823; 3 April 1835; 30 June 1857; 2 March 1908.) [Funk, p. 134-5]
1974 – southern IN. A string of tornados tears through Crawford, Harrison, Floyd and Clark counties, IN, and Meade, Jefferson, Nelson and Oldham counties, KY. This is one of the deadliest and costliest storm systems ever to hit the Midwest. [Griffin 2, p. 154-6]

4 April –

1809 – Corydon, IN. William Branham is licensed to keep a tavern at the log house, which William Henry Harrison had built. It is located on Capitol Avenue. [Griffin 1, p. 1]

5 April –

6 April –

7 April –

1801 – Clark County, IN, organized when the first session, court of the general quarter sessions of the peace met at Springville, the temporary county seat. [Kramer, p. 38]

8 April –

1772 – General Thomas Gage, British commander in North America, issues a proclamation. It will be delivered to Captain Hugh Lord, commander at Kaskaskia, IL, who will take it to Vincennes, IN. Because “a great number of persons have established themselves, particularly on the river Ouabache, where they lead a wandering life, without government, and without laws, interrupting the free course of trade, destroying the game, and causing infinite disturbance in the country, which occasions a considerable injury to the affairs of the King, as well as to those of the Indians [the King George III] is pleased to order…all who have established themselves on the lands upon the Ouabache…to quit those countries instantly and without delay, and to retire, at their choice, into some one of the colonies of His Majesty, where they will be received and treated as the other subjects of His Majesty.” In other words, the residents of Vincennes were being thrown out of house and home – just like the American Indians. [Cayton, p. 63-4]

1884 – Depauw, IN. Town founded by Felician Henriott. [Griffin 2, p. 30]

9 April –

1965 – New Albany, IN. Sherman Minton dies. He is buried in Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, New Albany. The bridge to Louisville, part of Interstate 64, in 1963 was named in his honor. (See 20 October 1890; 15 October 1956.) [EL, p. 624]

10 April –

1848 – Boston, IN. James Blake plats and lays out town. It will eventually have a blacksmith shop, school, two churches, three stores, and about 20 houses. The main enterprise of the community was supplying firewood to steamboats. Flooding in 1882 and 1883 will take away much of the town; the remainder washing away in 1884. Dam 43 will later be located near the site of Boston. [Griffin 2; p. 133]

11 April –

12 April –

1928 – Corydon, IN. At a point near the Sulphur Well, about one mile east of town, state highway department workers, upgrading the Corydon-New Albany Pike into a highway, find remnants of the plank road, about three feet down. [Griffin 2, p. 162]

1947 - Indianapolis, IN. David Letterman is born.

13 April –

1941 – near Corydon, IN. Marion Sibert and Bob Louden share their discovery of a larger chamber in Wyandotte Cave. The Indian people for whom the cave is named apparently did not penetrate this far into the recesses. [Griffin 2, p. 295]

14 April –

15 April –

1920 – Corydon, IN. The notorious “Dove’s Nest,” on the public square, is coming down. A Mr. E.L. McKinster is disassembling it and will use the material to build a barn on his property, west of town. [Griffin 2, p. 60]

16 April –

1903 – West Baden, IN. Formal dedication of the magnificent West Baden Springs Hotel. Five hundred and sixteen men, working 60 hour work weeks, have placed the supplies delivered on a rail spur: 45 cars of steel, 13 cars of stone, 187 cars of sand, 171 cars of gravel, 62 cars of cement, 26 cars of lime, 242 cars of cinders, 51 cars of lumber, 16 cars of red brick trim and 450 cars of white brick; along with four tons of lead and zinc for painting, and 10,000 square feet of glass requiring one week to place in the dome, using 3 tons of putty. A sumptuous dinner is served, dancing follows to music of a complete orchestra. (See 15 June 1901; 1 October 1901; 1 April 1902.) [Bundy; Visions…, p. 40-2]

1966 – Corydon, IN. First day of issue, Indiana Statehood Sesquicentennial commemorative stamp. [Griffin2, p. 148]

17 April –

1812 – Harrison County, IN. William D. Little swears to original plat of a town, before John Tipton, Justice of Peace. Elizabeth, IN, comes to be. [Griffin 2, p. 33]

1827 – Corydon, IN. Original plat for town of Mauckport is sworn to before justice of the peace Samuel Reaugh. (See 7 May 1827.) [Griffin 2, p. 34]

Births –

1818 – New Albany, IN. Norvin Green born. He and his father will operate flatboats on the Ohio River, giving Norvin sufficient money to attend University of Louisville School of Medicine. (See Kentucky 12 February 1893.) [EL, p. 357]

18 April –

19 April –

1816 – Washington City. In response to a memorial from the people of Indiana territory, President James Monroe signs the Enabling Act, which allows the people elect delegates to a constitutional convention. [Funk, p. 33-6]

20 April –

21 April –

1749 – Vincennes, IN. Beginning of parish record St. Francis Xavier Church. The French do not look to the Roman Catholic church to bring civilization. They need clergy to baptize, marry, give communion, hear confession, absolve and administer last rites. [Cayton, p. 61]

1948 – Corydon, IN. Frank O’Bannon is awarded the Jack Armstrong Magazine All-American award, in recognition of his rescue of his brother Robert from Blue River, in the summer of 1946. Half a century later, O’Bannon will be governor of Indiana. [Griffin 2, p. 176]

22 April –

1914 – Vera Cruz, Mexico. Lt. Jonas H. Ingram, USN, of Jeffersonville, IN, earns the Congressional Medal of Honor. [EL, p. 216-7]

23 April –

1785 – Philadelphia, PA. Congress adopts a revised version of the committee report known as the Ordinance of 1784. It provides for the creation of territories, which can become states, but it is little more than a vague guideline for achieving new states in lands added to the United States. [Cayton, p. 103]

24 April –

25 April –

1805 – Indiana. Francis A. “Frank” McHarry born. He will work on the Louisville & Portland Canal, operate a ferry on the Ohio River, and engage in other enterprises in and of the river. (See 15 February 1857.) [EL, p. 600-1]

26 April –

27 April –

28 April –

29 April –

1823 – New Harmony, IN. George Rapp and other residents, on the Wabash River, welcome
first steamboat to navigate the 70 miles from the Ohio River to them.

1925 – Corydon, IN. Sunday, 10:05 p.m. People experience two distinct shocks from an earthquake felt in four states. [Griffin 2, p. 151]

30 April –

1813 – Warrick County, IN, established. County seat is Boonville. Carved from Knox county, it is named in honor of Captain Jacob Warrick. [… …/List_of_counties_in_In…]

1924 – Indianapolis, IN. Emmett Forrest Branch takes office as governor. [……/List_of_Governors_of_...]

1986 – Corydon, IN.  Town decides to remove parking meters, hoping to attract more people downtown. (See 11 March 1948.) [Griffin 2, p. 24]


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